Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Launch

Finally the date is known. July 1st will bring us Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, immediately followed by a huge training program.

What will be delivered:
  • Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g: the long awaited Portal solution

  • Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g: BEA Weblogic Server the new middleware foundation

  • Oracle Identity Management 11g: Next level of security and compliance

  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g: a new, very tightly integrated environment to build service oriented applications.

  • What's missing? Oracle BPA Suite 11g, which will probably appear within 1 month.

    The delayed delivery (we expected 11g to be released about a year ago) is mainly due to effort that went into the integration of BEA. Too bad that we had to wait, but in the end it is delivering us a whole lot more value. It was worth it! Enjoy 11g!


    1. Excieted about this new version.

      On the July 1 registration page of the oracle site saw a small video saying that this will change the way we view or change the business rules. May be this was some idea on the change.

      I really want to see the innovative change Oracle will bring in a way we deal with SOA Suite today.

    2. What I've seen so far of the beta's gives me hope! Although there will still be a long way to go to integrate all of the BEA stuff, but it IS a major step forward!

    3. I believe you are missing some installation options. Where are all the more specific installation types? We currently use the following 2 installations:

      "Forms and Reports services Standalone"
      "Business Intelligence" (includes Discoverer and Reports)

      What release will contain Forms, Reports and Discoverer 11g?

      Thanks in advance.

    4. The fact that I didn't mention them is I haven't seen anything about them. I expect Discoverer to be part of the BI packages, which has not yet been announced. Forms 11g has been announced for a long time, but haven't heard any news about it either. I'll try to find out more and let you know!

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