Monday, 22 June 2009

ODTUG Update: SOA Symposium

Yesterday at 8 pm we started the SOA Symposium at ODTUG (yes, Sunday and Father's Day to boot). ODTUG is well known for its technological content, but as SOA becomes more and more mainstream, SOA will become a integral part of ODTUG.

The symposium was organized by three Dutch Oracle Ace Directors: Lonneke Dikmans, Lucas Jellema and myself. The setup we choose was a little different then one would expect from a symposium. From the start, we aimed to get a very interactive symposium where the goal is to meet other SOA adepts and to exchange experiences. We managed to achieve this by doing just 3 presentations (to create a mindset) followed by two workshops and a panel discussion.

The day was divided in two parts. In the morning we approached SOA from a business point of view, in the afternoon we discussed technology. The average knowledge level and experience of the participants was rather high, which made discussions very very interesting. It was good to see that there were a lot of Oracle Ace Directors present.

We've made several very interesting conclusions which will be put on the Oracle Wiki.

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  1. Mike,

    I have started to enter the results here:

    Anyone who participated, feel free to add explanations and background information