Monday, 22 March 2010

Here Goes the Sun

A lot of people have been wondering lately what will happen to the different products from Sun. Will they be incorporated into the Oracle stack, or phazed out altogether. It is one of the questions I have had myself. According to the webcasts on the Sun acquisition it seemed that:

  • GlassFish will continue as the Java EE reference implementation

  • GlassFish Server included in every Oracle WebLogic Server offering

  • Sun Java System Web Server will be part of the new Oracle Web Tier offering.

  • As the Glassfish ESB becomes more and more popular, one of my current customers was very interested in using the Glassfish ESB. Looking over the Glassfish website we got the impression of a fully supported product.

    Nothing surprised us more however, when we asked Oracle for a solution package of Glassfish ESB. We received .......... an offer to use Oracle SOA Suite. Further inquiries to Sun learned us that "we're not allowed to offer Glassfish ESB solutions anymore".

    So it seems that the choices have become clear, at least within Oracle.