Wednesday, 4 February 2009

SOA Marketing is dead! Long live service orientation

Most of you have probably read the blogpost by Anne Thomas Manes about SOA being dead. This coming from an analyst, doesn't surprise me. But I do like the very nice picture she put in.

SOA has been pushed by middleware vendors and analysts alike. But ... they've been pushing SOA as a technology, what it really is NOT. Too bad really, because it makes convincing our businesses a lot harder.

She does have a point in that the term SOA has turned sour. In a way, that's good. It forces us to focus again on what we need to do: we need to build solutions that our business needs. And if we need service orientation to do that, we'll use it.

Look back at all the hypes behind us. They're gone, but the underlying mechanisms (structured programming, object orientation, BPM, decoupling, etc) are still with us and will be for the next years. The same will go for service orientation. So, let's get back to work!


  1. That, and the tendency in "modern" business literature towards service-orientation... as pattern for organizing your business.

    Oh, by the way did I mention that Cobol is dead and Elvis is alive?

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