Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Confusing SOA

It seems that a lot of people forget the A in SOA. A is for Architecture. However, SOA has been pushed by vendors and analysts as being the technological panacee for almost all business issues.

There are parts of the architecture where technology comes in, but mainly architecture is about a vision for the company, about business drivers and goals, about aligning the whole company towards the vision, about implementing the right organizational units, processes, procedures and applications.

What this means, is that a lot of people confuse SOA with technology. I hear people ask 'where can i buy SOA' or state 'we're doing SOA, we've just implemented our first webservice'.

The way I see it, there's architecture and there's technology. You can use service orientation concepts in both of them. So:

* SOA = architecture characterized by the use of service orientation concepts
* SOC = service oriented computing (using service orientation techniques)
* SOI = service oriented infrastructure

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