Saturday, 27 September 2008

Will Dell Be Oracle's Next Acquisition?

Oracle has taken over a lot of companies during the last few years. Looking back (hindsight is always easy) it shows a very clear strategy. All - or at least most - of the acquisitions have added one or more capabilities to the SOA technology stack that Oracle was building. To say the least: I'm very impressed with that strategy.

The announcement of the Database Machine and the Oracle Exadata Storage made me wonder where Oracle is taking this now. Will they not only acquire for technology but now for hardware as well? Michael Dell might start to get worried .....


  1. Not even a chance in hell... Why would Oracle buy Dell? You need to build a better case. What are the synnergies, etc.?

  2. Dell is not just a Hardware Company... Dell now owns 26000 strong Consulting Buisiness it accquired from Perrot six months ago. Oracle could capture a huge customer base from Dell acuisition both H/W, Systems, and Software consulting base.

    Nobel Mandili
    Oracle Consultant

  3. The SUN acquisition gave Oracle big Iron, now they need a Wintel server offering and a services arm. With that combination they can compete (and win) agains IBM and HP. Dell is the obvious Oracle acquisition.