Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Future According to Oracle

I'm getting very mixed messages from Oracle, especially here during Oracle Open World. To say the least: I was very surprised when Oracle announced the conversion/migration from Forms to APEX, while at the same time stating that APEX is 'only' for localized applications and while pushing forward on SOA.

In a way I do understand the reasoning behind it. There's so many people out there still relying on Forms and sort of afraid of going down the SOA path. To get these customers move over to APEX will at least mean that they will stay customers of Oracle. However, APEX is no SOA, in fact it is contradictory to SOA, as it is based on a very strong coupling from the front-end to the database.

This development, coupled with the fact that a lot of small and medium businesses find the Oracle product line a bit too expensive for their taste, might lead to a kind of splitting of the market. SMB goes APEX, the rest goes SOA? Or am I just being too cynical .....

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