Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Oracle vs Open Source

I work a lot with Java developers and software architects. Often there's a discussion in the projects about which software to use for what purpose. Increasingly i find people to be very rigid about this choice: it's all OSS or nothing. In a way it reminds me of the old anti-Microsoft atmosphere.

Therefore I'd like to start a poll, to find out if this issue is alive or that it's just me :p.

Do me a favour and fill in the poll on the side?


  1. You know my opinion, my maybe this will help to create an interesting discussion...

    I see two problems: oracle is too expensive for small projects, and working with best of bread combined frameworks is too complex.

    I think the second problem is the reason why people want only oracle, or only open source. You want a proven technology stack, and if you start combining oracle and open source you're mostly on your own. Getting support from both oracle and open source communities is hard.

    So i think more and more people will start using proven technology stacks: only oracle, only glassfish, only apache, only jboss.

  2. Did you see oracle's latest pricelist? Try selling a web 2.0, bpel, webservices solution for a small project. That's about: 60000 (bpel/cpu) + 145000 (enterprise repository/cpu) + 125000 (webcenter suite/cpu). Maybe add some bi? (295000/cpu).And who uses single core processors these days, so you may multiply these numbers by some...

    I'd say that's quite an opportunity for opensource...

  3. Quite true. Especially since the new pricing, using Oracle for SMB has become even harder.

  4. Who is paying Oracle list prices? Discounts starts from 0% up to 90% depending on the organization you are working on (public versus pricate sector, universities etc.).