Monday, 7 January 2008

Does SOA Deliver?

I read this very interesting article by Max Pucher. He builds up a quite convincing case about why SOA is, as he calls it, an overhyped buzzword. Every vendor is jumping on the bandwagon, afraid of losing out on this hype.

He does pose some very interesting and helpful considerations, that every SOA architect should keep in mind. Let's not forget that SOA is NOT a silver bullet. SOA is also NOT a technology, but an approach to build architectures which are more tailored to the needs of the business (which sometimes includes educating the business).


  1. Wise words, Mike. As I tend to put it: SOA defines an excellent set of design principles, but please don't forget to check if it fits to your problem. But that's what successful architecting is all about, isn't it? Designing the solution that fits the problem best.

  2. I totally agree with you. Solution to business problem(s) have to come first and SOA could be a candiate for it, but not always as you well put it: it is not a silver bullit.