Monday, 13 October 2008

A Must Read!

Last week, at the International SOA Symposium in Amsterdam, Thomas Erl launched two new books which I think are a must read for any serious SOA practitioner. The first one to be launched was Web Service Contract Design & Versioning for SOA, which I've started reading already. It's a massive book (again), but so far I'm impressed. Easy to read, good examples, definitely worth the time reading it.

I'm even more eager for the second book that was announced: SOA Design Patterns. Unfortunately this book is still on its way from Amazon to my home, so I cannot give any insights, but I do expect a lot from it. As Thomas explained during his presentation at the International SOA Symposium, it consists of 85 real-world, real-practice design patterns. One of the nice things with this book is, that there's a website along with it, containing all the 85 design patterns, but also the candidates that didn't make it into the book. If you have a design pattern you think should be in the book, publish it on the site, and maybe it'll be in the next release ....

For more information go to Thomas Erl's SOA Books website.